What is credit card? Should I have a credit card?

What is a credit card? Why is credit card so popular? With this card, you can completely shop with confidence without having to cash or recharge your account. Join Fastloans.PH to find out what a credit card is and the utility of owning the information in the following article. 카지노사이트

What is credit card?
Credit card is one of the bank cards, featuring prepayment without the need for a balance in the card.

Credit cards are made from a polymer plastic or metal material, usually in horizontal rectangles and standard sizes.

Depending on the issuing bank, each credit card will have its own color and design. There is usually information on the card:

Name of card issuer
Name and logo of the card issuing bank
Account name
Credit Card Number
Valid period of the card
CVV number

Based on the applicant’s profile and credibility (based on CIC information), the bank will issue the card with a credit limit (the amount used by the message).

How many credit cards type?
Domestic credit card: This is a card used only for domestic payment.
International credit card: This is a card that can be paid domestically and internationally.
There are also primary and supplementary cards:

Primary credit card: With this card, you’ll need proof of income and bear the cardholder’s name. Allows the user to “borrow” money from a bank with a given credit line to make payments.
Supplementary credit card: This supplementary card is issued after you have been issued with your primary card. The goal is to expand the number of people allowed to use your credit line, instead of just using it, more relatives can be used. The person who is registered to use the supplementary card is not required to prove proof. However, supplementary card will be covered by primary credit card.
Once approved by your bank to open a credit card, you will make online payment easy and convenient. You absolutely can just sit at home paying bills, book air tickets, … Or you can shop at shopping malls and supermarkets without carrying cash. Surely reading here, you can understand what a credit card is, right. Join Fastloans.PH to learn about the function of credit.

The two most popular credit card institutions today are Mastercard and Visa.

What is the function of a credit card?
Once you understand what a credit card is, you need to understand the functions that a credit card offers:

Payment feature: With prepaid prepayment feature, you can use credit card to pay for purchases and services payable at home and abroad.

Cash withdrawal: The payment card also has the function of withdrawing cash from an ATM. However, withdrawing cash from a credit card incurs a quite high fee, which is advised to be limited. Depending on the bank’s policy, the amount within the credit line that can be withdrawn will also vary. 안전한카지노사이트

Installment: You have heard a lot of the phrase “installment with 0% interest on credit cards”. This is a feature that a lot of customers are interested in. Shops, e-commerce sites allow you to use your credit card to pay by installments with many attractive offers.

Should I have a credit card?
Follow Fastloans.PH to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the following credit card opening to decide whether to open a credit card or not?


Payment anytime, anywhere – at home and abroad
Don’t worry about your account balances or available cash
Get many incentives from major brands when owning Mastercard / Visa card.
Enjoy a flexible installment policy.
And many more benefits.


Credit card payment delays after the specified number of days (normally 45 days) will be charged with credit interest
Cash withdrawal is limited due to the high fees charged
You may lose money in an unfair way if you accidentally lose your card: The message can be performed without entering a password or entering an OTP. This is a disadvantage when a fraudster takes advantage of making illegal payment transactions. However, you can limit this by blocking the online payment function on the application when there is no need to pay. Or you can contact the bank’s switchboard for immediate assistance.

What should I notice when opening a credit card
Sign your signature on the back of the card:
Minimize the risk when someone picks up the card and wants to use illegal transactions. Because when making a payment, the merchant can compare the signature on the back of the card with the signature of the current user to know if that person is really the owner of this card. 카지노사이트 추천

Note on payment term, interest rate on credit card deferred payment

Banks will have a deadline for making payments, usually 45 days. If you pay 45 days in advance, you will not be charged interest and penalty charges.
Read the article: How to calculate the prepayment rate of a credit card

Save bills, check statements every month
You should practice the habit of keeping bills, just in case you need to check monthly statements or arise problems related to the balance.

What to do when you lose your credit card
The first thing you need to do when you lose your credit card is to immediately call the card issuing bank to notify the lost card.

The bank will receive personal information, account number, time and location stolen and execute an emergency lockout order.

This means that the card will be locked and cannot be used by the crook.

Absolutely do not give out credit card numbers to others

By giving your credit card number to someone else, you run the risk of having your information stolen and making an illegal transaction. Note, you should also not give credit card information to relatives, to prevent unexpected risks.

Best credit card for Filipino
Metrobank credit card
Land Bank credit card
Maybank credit card
BPI credit card
Philippine National Bank credit card
Security Bank credit card
UBP credit card
EastWest Bank credit card
AUB credit card
PSBank credit card

With the above article, you can solve the question of what is credit card, should you open the message? If you are a person who knows how to calculate and balance expenses and have the ability to plan financial use properly, using a credit card is extremely convenient and effective.

Fastloans.PH hopes that the above sharing will help you answer your questions as well as your needs.

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